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Battlefield 2042 Review Event Impressions – Danger Zone

After a one month delay, Battlefield 2042 is finally out this week in its Early Access period. This past week, MP1st was invited to get an early preview of Battlefield 2042 with content creators and media. This was the full build of the game, and according to DICE, it is the same build Early Access players will have this Friday. We had a chance to preview each of the game’s three core modes on a variety of maps for several hours each. So how were they? And what’s changed since the beta? Read on.

Battlefield 2042 beta download

You can now download the battlefield 2042 beta. Open Beta will start Friiday, pre-orderers and EA Play members will get early access from this Wednesday.

Battlefield 2042 – No-Pats

Battlefield™ 4’s Kimble “Irish” Graves returns in 2042 as one of the prominent leaders of the multi-factioned No-Pats and as a playable Specialist. Michael K. Williams, the original actor for Irish in Battlefield 4, has also returned to help bring the character to life once more. In Battlefield 2042, Irish finds himself at a crossroads…
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Battlefield 2042 game details and Trailer

Battlefield 2042 game Trailer has been released and the UK Community and clans are hyped as well as the trailer we have tones of info maps info and images and weapon info not in the video

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