About Us


About US

The [UKSF] Clan are a UK PC Gaming Community, a social fun group of 18 years +, UK and European like-minded gamer's.

We mostly play the Battlefield Series, but we participate in many on-line multiplayer games.

We maintain a fun and relaxed environment for our members.

We are an English speaking community.


Our Members donations provide [UKSF] with servers, and Website.

It is our Community members that manage, maintain and administer our website the servers and Discord.

Our members have top priority in all our decisions, without them there would be no [UKSF] .

We are truly a Clan driven by its own community.

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Requirements for members

All levels of skills are accepted, we value a players social skills over their gaming skills, as socializing and getting to know the community on Discord is considered essential.

You must be 18 years or over.

We regularly check stats and will run members through the various ban sites to make sure we keep our name clean.

A Mic & headphone is required for Discord and in-game voip .

To join the UKSF clan, just pop on Discord for some craic and banter, well take it from there 🙂

Join us on Discord

The History of the [UKSF] Clan

[UKSF] Clan was founded in Oct 2005 by Iceman and Chance as a "Day Of Defeat" gaming clan, which soon developed into a Battlefield gaming clan.

In 2006 [UKSF] were running two very active BF2 servers (Infantry only Karkand) and (Dragon Valley 64 vehicles),

after a few years passed the clan became bigger and bigger and had members from all over Europe .

UKSF Member Roster back in 2005

2005 Roster

In 2007 the clan welcomed some former members of the [PTG] Clan. Monk, PrivateSmokey and Steve-o

2008 was the peak year for the [UKSF] with both servers running on max capacity and with the clan joining the English DBL Clan Wars. [UKSF] ended their first season in the DBL in 2nd place.

Half way into 2008 Bertistuta and Monk took control over [UKSF] after Iceman decided he had enough of the game & stepped down.

2009 to 2010 [UKSF] was still going with a handful of the Die-hard members trying to make the best of the Battlefield.

Monk, Bertistuta, PrivateSmokey, Koetje, Mutant-art, Kevczr, Ashley, Gunslinger, icefyre and some others who all had been with [UKSF] for a long time held ground to keep the Clan alive.

2013 [UKSF] now had two Battlefield 3 Servers and with Battlefield 4 released, now people once again enjoying our servers, 

In mid 2014 - [UKSF] opened its doors to the Arma2 mod "DayZ". While still running our BF4 servers, we also expanded our servers with a 30man Minecraft server. 

In October 2015 the [UKSF] Clan celebrated 10 years together, a huge milestone for any PC gaming Clan.

Members of the [UKSF] Clan got together in August 2016 at i58 in Birmingham for the Insomina Lan Event, keep an eye on the website gallery for lots of photo's. We will be doing this more ofton....

Oct 2016 and Battlefield 1 hit, the UKSF Clan are preparing for battle with a new 64man Battlefield 1 Server, while still running our popular Battlefield 4 Server.

2020 - We Celebrate 15 Years! 

From our start way back in 2005 [UKSF] have come along way and made many friends amongst the gaming community.

And its with thanks to this great community and our clan members we have managed to get to 15years!

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